Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm here in the Holy Land

Right now I am sitting in one of the many balconies here at the Jerusalem Center that overlook the Holy Land, being serenaded by Ramadan chants that echo throughout the city. The Dome of the Rock is slightly lit up and the view from these balconies are just simply breath taking. The money and the time it took here to travel was well worth it.

The Jerusalem Center is a breathtaking structure. Every room has some kind of view of the Old City and Jerusalem as a whole. On the top floor of the 8 levels is an Auditoriums with huge arched windows that overlook the entire city. My room has a balcony and you step out to see the Dome of the Rock right in front of it.

We were warmly welcomed by many of the faculty and staff who are not all members of the Mormon faith. Some of them are actually Muslim, Palestinian, and Jewish.

I must have taken like 500 pictures just today. Too bad we're not allowed to post them here at the center due to connection reasons, but I will post more pics as soon as I get the chance to.

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