Saturday, September 5, 2009


Some of us at the Wailing Wall or also called the Western Wall. It is a very important site for the Jews where they come and pray at the wall. You can't really see, but behind us, there are a bunch of Jewish people praying with their heads on the wall. The wall dates back to 19 A.D. and was part of Herod's Temple.

This day we actually walked ALL around the Old City. We entered at the New Gate on the north side of the city, walked down to Jaffa Gate on the Western side of the city and walked down to the south side through the Armenian Quarter of the city, then walked down to Dung gate on the south side and back up through the Jewish and Christian Quarter and out Damascus gate. We also visited the City of David and some of the excavation sites that were there just outside of the city walls on the south side! It was very HOT and HUMID. But we seriously just trail blaised it and it was totally worth it.

This is the view of the Old City from the top balcony of the Jerusalem Center @ night. What you see in this pic from the nearest to the furthest: East Jerusalem where the center is located, the Old City where you see the Dome of the Rock, then the furthest is to the top right hand corner of the pic is West Jerusalem. Not in the picture, but just to the left of where we are is the Mt. of Olives where the Orson Hyde Garden is, where he came and dedicated the this land for the gathering of Jews, and right below that is the Garden of Gethsemane.

This is the top balcony where the above picture was taken from. What you see is auditorium of the center located on the top floor of the center. We have our church meetings in here as we overlook Jerusalem. I believe that this auditorium is also housed with the largest pipe organ in the Middle East. The balconies of the center are filled with Olive and Pomegranate trees.

It took me forever to post these pics so I don't know how often they'll come but enjoy these for now :)

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  1. nice shot of the city. can u take pictures of the olive and pomegranate trees?