Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Egypt continued...II

If I'm not mistaken, tourism is one of the biggest industries that fuel Egypt. Thus, the industry is somewhat controlled and directed by the government. If I remember right, we had a tour guide wherever we went at all times in Egypt, and that was because the tourism bureau requires visitors to have tour guides at all times. This also helps create jobs for many people like this man who was our tour guide for the whole time we were in Luxor. He was great. Been tour guiding for about 30+ years...I think.

Hot sunny day in the valley of the Kings. Actually, it was REALLY hot. I thought I was going faint at the valley of the Kings because it was so hot.

Fresco like paintings on the wall with symbols representing the sun-god Amon-Ra.

I'm not sure how correct I am if I said these were frescos, but they were something similar to frescos on the walls...brilliant colors shown above even after thousands of years. Can you imagine how amazing the place looked when they first finished it?

Hieroglyphics on one of the pillars in the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Amazing mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut located near the Valley of the Kings where the famous King Tut's tomb with untouched treasures were found. I wasn't able to get pictures at the Valley of the Kings because they didn't allow cameras if I remember right.

This Mortuary temple is dedicated to the Sun-god, Amon-Ra, and was placed at this location where a natural pyramid exists at the top of the mountain. (Seen at the top center of the photo above)

Queen Hatsepsut was the fifth reigning pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Ancient Egypt. A lot of the records and engravings that records her reign as pharaoh was destroyed after her death, so they have a hard time recovering information about her, but she was supposedly successful in deceiving everyone in Egypt in thinking that she was a man as most other pharaohs were.

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