Friday, October 23, 2009

Surf sesh on the Mediterranean!!!

We got to go to Tel Aviv again, but this time I was determined to rent a board not matter what because it started getting colder and I wasn't sure if I'll ever have the chance to surf in the Mediterranean Sea every again. Obviously these pictures are not in sequential order because this is a picture of when the sun was setting and we got to just chill and watch couple of wind surfers surf.

After enjoy a mean surf sesh in the Mediterranean, I just floated on the board for a little bit and just soaked it in. It was great.

Here is a picture of me all happy cuz it was super tell you the truth, the waves were so much better the last time we came, but I just wanted to get in the water. So I went to this place where they rent boards, and they told me they weren't renting boards that day because it was too windy for people to surf. I tried another place and this guy that was running the place told me that he was closing. I told him I was from Hawaii and he kinda lightened up and told me that he goes to Hawaii every year to surf and that all of his children were born there!

So, even though he was closing shop, he decided to just leave the keys under neath the mat and told me that I could just put the board back in the shop when I was done with it because he was going to leave as soon as he gave me the board! He was way cool about it. I also asked him how much it was per hour, and he told me 50 shekels/hour which is about $12, which is super cheap, but I decided I would ask him for a student discount and he said..."just give me however much you want, we respect people from Hawaii" - I'm glad I mentioned that I was from Hawaii...well I kinda had to because I was desperate and wanted him to know that I have come ALL THIS WAY to get a surf board! Anyhow, I kept it for about 2 hours and paid him 50 shekels since I didn't want to take advantage of his kindness. Alohas uncle.

Overall it was a GREAT day. This is a picture of us from the day. Brian Oats, Anna Banana, Brooklynn the bridge, Jewish Kate, and myself. I kinda wanted to post more pictures of all the biblical sites we've gone to but the internet just stopped working well so I'll do that another time.
Salamu walaykum!

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